Cindy is a dedicated and passionate H.R. professional, and I highly recommend her.

"Cindy's passion is employee development and training, and I greatly value her knowledge and expertise in this area. She was instrumental in helping me develop and pursue my career path along with so many others at Knauf Insulation. During her tenure she implemented KI's Employee Development process and system, and she instilled a sense of ownership for each employee in measuring their own success in developing their performance plans with their managers." 

John Coombs, Vice President, Business Development at Knauf Insulation


"Cindy is a "true diamond" in the world of training, coaching, writing and effective organizational change. Cindy's foresight and passion for understanding the importance of leadership and people in the successful implementation of organizational change is, in my opinion, truly unmatched by most of her peers. 

Cindy's approach to organizational change; leadership and people development is leading-edge and makes her part of the top 5% in the world of organizational architecture that not only knows what to do, but can actually make it happen in "real world applications". I base that evaluation on the many successes that Cindy has achieved consistently over her extensive and varied career in helping individuals and organizations to become more successful. 

Cindy's writings, business presentations, and her Indy BizTV Show clearly help others to have the opportunity to learn from this dynamic professional. 

I consider Cindy a true "thought leader", someone who is helping drive the application of change and organizational excellence consistently to new levels. Cindy takes the concepts, theories, ideas and tools of organizational change and development and puts them into a model that is understandable and practical to coach and mentor others. 

It is my honor to write this recommendation for Cindy and consider her a colleague that is helping show me how to continue to personally grow and become more than what I can be by myself."

Dan Stoelb, Founder Research Analytics Center, Founder of The Social Lean@ model, Lean Leadership Institute Coach


"It is extremely rare for a small business to have easy access to experts when grappling with unique issues.  We were thrilled to be able to work with Cindy Allen-Stuckey as we revamped our entire system for attracting and screening new talent.
Cindy brought a wealth of human resource knowledge and experience to our project and yet left her ego at the door.  We collaborated and were able to bring a confusing project in for a soft and successful landing. No matter what we threw at Cindy, she put our project on the front burner and completed every task we threw her way, on time and with great results.
If your company is wrestling with thorny, confusing human resource issues, call Cindy Allen-Stuckey. You will not be disappointed."

Nick Milano, co-owner of PET SUPPLIES PLUS Indy


"Cindy is very passionate about improving performance of others. She has a love for training and development that I rarely see. I believe anyone that meets her will quickly know she is passionate and knowledgeable in many areas of organizational development and human resources."

R. Gene Adams, Human Resources Manager at Knauf Insulation


"Cindy was contracted to assist in the creation of a marketing  leadership development program. Due to Cindy's Organizational Development and Human Resources experience, she was able to take the desired project deliverables and partner with stakeholders to deliver the project on time, with exceptional quality and within allocated budget. We could not have done it without Cindy's ability to manage the project, engage with stakeholders and execute with excellence. With Cindy's help we are building a bench of future leaders. Thank you Cindy!"

Jill Lehman, SPHR - Vice President Administration & Chief People Officer at Ontario Systems