Who or What Influences Your Leadership?

We’re all busy trying to build & extend our influence outwardly. But have you thought about what influences you? Read on to learn what you can do to reawaken that leader within.

One of John Maxwell’s more famous quotes is “Leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.”

But how much attention do you pay to what’s influencing you? Have you even considered this?

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed If You Want Better Answers, Ask Better Questions.  Now I’m going to show you how to apply this same process, using the 5W’s & 1H, to YOURSELF to help reawaken & grow that leader within.

The 1st “W” is WHO:  Who do you admire most & why? Are you spending time with them? Have you talked to them about the skills you admire & asked them to help you develop these skills?

On the other side, are there people you spend time with who aren’t in alignment with your values?

Who, from different backgrounds & experiences, are your seeking out?

WHAT is the 2nd “W”:  What are you reading, watching & listening to?  And what is this helping you to grow or achieve?

What gaps have you identified between where you are & where you want to be, & what will help you close the gaps?

What things distract you from meeting or advancing toward your goals? What affects your mood, energy level & creative vision?

The 3rd “W” is WHEN:  When are you most productive throughout the day? Are you using your time wisely during that period?

When is it easiest for you to lose focus of your goals & how can you keep yourself on target? When do you take time for “you” to rejuvenate?

WHERE is the next “W”:  Where do you need to be to get your best work done?

Where are you most likely to get distracted from doing the tasks that need to be completed?

Where would you like to be five years from now & what tools, resources & people will help or hurt you from getting there?

WHY is the 5th “W”:   What’s your “why” or your purpose?

Your “why” gets you out of bed in the morning & drives you throughout your day.

Communicate your purpose to others for buy-in.

Be clear on your purpose & communicate it to others for buy-in. If you’re not clear or passionate about your why, you can kiss your own influence goodbye!

And the “H” is HOW:  How will you accomplish your goals? You need a plan – what does it look like & who will be a supporter? Who will be an obstacle?

How can you further develop & grow as a leader? How will you manage your plan? How will you remain accountable to your plan? Who & what tools can help you?

When you take the time to use this process, you identify who or what is in your environment or needs to be in your environment to affect who you are now & what you want to be in the future.