Recruiting: How to Find the Awesome Candidates

The success of your business depends on hiring quality people. So the ability to recruit makes a difference.  Recruiting is the process of finding potential candidates for job openings. If you’re looking for free or low-cost recruiting tools, fortunately there are several at your disposal:

1)   Genuinely Social – leverages word-of-mouth referrals & personal and professional relationships.

Ask your friends and colleagues if they know anyone with the skills you need. Ask them to be objective and explore their connection.

If you’re out somewhere & you run across someone who is providing excellent customer service, give him or her one of your cards.

2) Online & Social Recruiting – includes searching for them online

Advertise open positions on social networking sites. Use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. If someone seems interested and asks for more information, respond publically to get even more exposure.

Another free method – includes searching for candidates online. Numerous sites host resumes such as Craigslist, Zerply, and Linkedin. Unfortunately, most resume sites require individuals to pay fees in order to search for resumes. Despite this setback you should look at what free search capabilities are offered.

3)   Post Job Advertisements

An excellent way to post your job for free is to find a local news blog. Reach out to them & identify yourself as a local startup. Mention that you are looking to hire & are local.

This one is obvious but you’d be surprised how many startups forget this step. It’s so simple -  make a section of your website that advertises new job openings.

4)   Passive Recruiting – Market your company as a great place to work.

Emphasize how much your current employees love the company and how much your company loves them.  Potential candidates may come flocking to the Careers section of your website.

Ask your current employees to write for your company blog or to use Twitter to spread the word about your business..

Recognize your employees.

5)   There may come a time where you may need help with Recruiting.  As your company grows, you should assess how often you hire new employees.

If you have high turnover, a full-time internal recruiter may be the best solution.

If your turnover is average, a Human Resources Generalist can function as a part-time recruiter while filling other talent management roles such as performance management and ensuring compliance with laws and regulations in the industry.

You can also hire a contract recruiter or third-party recruiting firm. Organizations that hire contract recruiters tend to have unusually high demand for a short period of time. So consider how normal the level of demand you are experiencing is, and think about how long the demand is expected to last.

Remember – recruiting is a time-intensive process.  But it’s worth it!  The organization with the best people wins!