If You Want to Attract Better People, Develop a Job Description!

In their eagerness to start interviewing, many managers launch their search before they have clarified what they are looking for in a new employee.  This causes a host of problems.  Of course you’ll get some candidates you can consider, but you won’t have a basis for evaluating them.  Result?  You’re going to make a bad hire.

Writing a Job Description – Step-by-Step

  • Decide on the job title and to whom it will report
  • Determine the type of position:  full-time, part-time, contractor, or intern
  • Review & define the difference between an exempt, nonexempt, and hourly position
  • If the job is hourly, determine the number of hours to be worked/weekly
  • Write a general description of the position
  • List the key duties, responsibilities, and tasks (begin each duty with a verb such as manage, control, publish, etc.)
  •  Define the work experience requirements
  • Define education requirements

Remember to focus on the job itself and not so much on the person who last held it. It’s often the case that because of particular circumstances, the incumbent did certain things that aren’t really part of the job.