Headquarters in Central Indiana

Organizations typically focus on traditional business fundamentals—strategy, marketing, finance, and technology—in order to be smarter and to add value to their customers and stakeholders. But today, being smarter isn’t enough. Organizations need to be healthy so they can align, execute, and renew faster than their competitors. This happens only when you involve your people at all levels and allow them to use their intelligence and expertise. To do this requires aligning your employees to your business strategy by implementing a customized top-down Planning Process that aligns with a bottom-up Performance Process.

This customized top-down Planning Process consists of cascading your Leadership's mission, vision, and values to your Organization where your strategic plan is developed. The goals from your strategic plan need to be cascaded to the various Departments in order for them to take ownership and set objectives to meet the goals. Finally, these Department objectives will be cascaded to your Employees and the work that results from this is included in their performance plans.



But there's more--you have to align this with a bottom-up Performing Process. Your Employees now know what work needs to be done and why they are doing it--to drive the Departments to reach their objectives. When the Departments reach their objectives, your Organization then reaches its goals in the strategic plan. This means that your Leadership achieves the mission and vision using the values. And suddenly you translate your strategy into action.



Does this sound confusing? You don't have to do this by yourself. Our experts at Making Performance Matter collaborate with organizations, just like yours, to develop customized people processes, solutions, and tools. to create and sustain a healthy organization. This ensures you translate strategy into action and have the right talent in the right roles, which ultimately results in your company performing in the right way now and into the future. And when it all comes together, your strategy “comes to life.”